Broken Pieces…Mending the Fragments Through Adoption

Broken Pieces…Mending the Fragments Through Adoption

Thinking about adopting a child? Curious about challenges faced by adoptive parents? Wondering how an adopted child feels?

Broken Pieces...Mending the Fragments Through Adoption, tells the true story of the Bishop family's joyful, albeit traumatic, multi-generational adoption saga as they struggle to reach wholeness. Giselle, the mother, gives voice to their experience as she helps her family achieve inner peace. Her amazing walk of faith enables her to be their anchor and stabilizer. If you're thinking about adopting children, these pages will help you truly understand the joys and risks that adoption can bring. It will also serve as a guide to anyone involved personally, professionally or spiritually with adoptive and foster families.

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About the Book

If you are a parent who’s embarked on an adoption journey, or a reader who provides counseling or spiritual guidance to adoptive families, you’ll relate to the Bishop family’s wonderful and exciting experiences and to their dark and devastating moments as well.

As Giselle, the mother of this family, tells her story, you’ll be transported to three different parts of the world, beginning on a sun-drenched Caribbean island, then to the crime-ridden streets of New York City, and finally to Texas. Giselle and her husband, Leon, adopted their kids during the era when adoption was a closed, sealed undertaking. They were made privy to very little about the original families from which their children came. Nevertheless, they are fully confident that God had given them their specific children as part of His perfect plan. Due to various circumstances, each family member was broken away from their family of origin to become a member of the Bishop clan. This amazing connection eventually led to their wholeness. Giselle’s tenacious walk of faith enables her to become the anchor and stabilizer of her family. Hers is a poignant tale of loss, despair and redemption.

In these pages you’ll discover:
* What adoptive parents need to know about their children
* What all adopted children require from their parents
* How adoptive families can ultimately achieve inner peace
* Is it nature or nurture?
* What happens when birth mothers and their children reunite?

Giselle’s tale brings to light the critical choices that need to be made by those considering adoption. It also provides a message of hope and inspiration to individuals and families encountering difficult adoption situations.

If you truly want to understand the joys and risks adoption can bring, this riveting and engaging book is for you.

Genre: Inspirational
Publication Year: 2017
Format: Paperback
Length: 258 pages
Illustrator: Willis Davis
ASIN: 1541215192
ISBN: 9781541215191
List Price: $17.99
eBook Price: $5.99
Dr. Grace Burke exemplifies her name—Grace. Her honest and indulgent care for the children and families involved in the adopting process is so inspiring! She has a unique insight because she has experienced first- hand what she is writing about. I believe this book will be a blessing to the reader on many different levels. I am extremely proud to say that Dr. Burke and her husband are a very special part of our wonderful church family!
– Sheryl Brady, Pastor, The Potter's House of North Dallas
Grace Burke has witnessed the adoption triad from so many different angles. Her wisdom and insights into the experiences of adoptive families as well as birth families are truly astounding. This book will be a valuable resource to adoptive families, adoptees, and birth families.
– Blaine C. Hamilton, Phd, Church Engagement Coordinator, Presbyterian Children's Homes and Services
BROKEN PIECES is well worth reading. It keeps the reader riveted and totally engaged. It provides unusual insight into adoptive and foster-care family dynamics and their social consequences. While it would do well to place this book in the hands of all adoptive and foster care families, its greatest value could lie in the education of society regarding the dynamics their families face.
– Dr. Clive Callender, former foster child
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