Caribbean Adventure

Caribbean Adventure

All aboard! Pick an island of your dreams. Hear the gentle music of sea, sand, and sun. Feel the splash of tiny waves against soft, sugary sand. Hear the whisper of the sea breezes: Paradise Found!

Join fourteen year-old Amanda and her feisty Aunt Joyce on a fascinating journey--the trip of a lifetime--to mysterious tropical isles. Mandy, tall, confident and outspoken, enjoyed, along with her aunt, many heart-thumping adventures as they experienced the charm and reality of life in those lush island pearls atop the Caribbean Sea. At the end of their excursion from the Bahama islands in the north to Trinidad in the south, Mandy returned a mature and insightful young woman, forever changed by memories of wonderful people in delightful places.

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About the Book

CARIBBEAN ADVENTURE was written for young people 12 to 15 years of age. Fourteen year-old Amanda Rivers, fondly known as Mandy and the book’s main character, vividly shares every detail of her trip to the Caribbean region. As readers island-hop by plane with her and her spunky Aunt Joyce, an airline hostess, they’ll experience the excitement and delights of that part of the world. They’ll land on 15 different islands, stretching from the Bahamas in the north near Miami, to Trinidad in the south, off the coast of Venezuela.

Readers will soon discover, as Mandy does, although the islands share a common topography–sea, sand, palm trees, climate, tropical fruit and vegetables–they are indeed very different from each other. Each has its own history, language, culture, lifestyle, food preferences, celebrations, and family life, awaiting visitors to explore.

When school was dismissed for summer vacation, Mandy donned her wings and, over the next eight weeks, flew leisurely from island to island, soaking up the sights and sounds of the different islands. Each bubbled with adventure, from the heart-thumping climb up Dunn’s River Falls in Jamaica, to surviving a dangerous hurricane in Dominica, to the pulsating beats of Carnival in Antigua. Mandy imbibed the charm and reality of life in these island paradises.

CARIBBEAN ADVENTURE provides rich information and education about the Caribbean region. However, it’s by no means a static “where to go; what to see” travel guide. Rather, it immediately opens by inviting readers to visit and prepare themselves to inhale the diverse tastes, smells and cultures awaiting them on their life-changing island excursions. It promises as they experience the islands, as did Mandy, they’ll be drawn in to the thoughts, feelings and ways of life of people who will warmly welcome them. They’ll understand that by the end of their voyages, each will have made lifelong friends and will vow to return to those enchanting islands some day.

Genre: Adventure
Publication Year: 2012
Format: Paperback
Length: 178 pages
Illustrator: Cover by Willis Davis
ASIN: 1475295642
ISBN: 9781475295641
List Price: $14.99
eBook Price: $4.00
As a native West Indian, I thoroughly enjoyed taking this fast-paced junket through the islands in the pages of CARIBBEAN ADVENTURE. Young readers will be filled with anticipation at the prospect of visiting our area of the world.
– Shelley Miller, Marketing and Sales, Barbados, West Indies
Grace Allman Burke captures the pulse and flavor of the Caribbean Islands in a fresh and exciting way. Although it's a fictional work, the places visited and travel experiences of the main characters are quite authentic.
– Badonna Birdsong, Travel Agent, Dallas
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