Couples of the Bible

Couples of the Bible

Insight into and analysis of the marriages of nine biblical couples.

COUPLES OF THE BIBLE, for young adults, allows the reader to consider the joys and challenges of marriage. Each of nine chapters focuses on a couple portrayed in the Bible and explores a particular theme.

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About the Book

COUPLES OF THE BIBLE is a nine-lesson bible study series which has been proven especially useful for individuals, youth departments, bible study groups, pre-marital counseling and marriage retreats.

In each chapter, a biblical couple is brought to center stage in the section called “Sharpen Your Focus.” Here the characters, in their bible-times settings, dialogue with each other and illuminate the issue or problem in their marriage.

In “Let’s Discuss It,” the reader is helped to apply the given theme to marriage today. For example, the subject of parental favoritism is examined in Chapter 4, in which Isaac and Rebekah are the main characters. Thought-provoking questions are provided which lend themselves to lively discussion. Relevant other scripture passages aid participants in responding.

The final section of each chapter, “Wrap-Up,” encourages readers to evaluate their own attitudes and reach conclusions based on the truth of God’s Word. Short quizzes, related research findings, present-day scenarios, and suggested additional reading add to the young person’s understanding.

The genre of the book is Christian Living; Bible Study

Genre: Christian Living
Publisher: Redemption Press
Publication Year: 2015
Format: Paperback
Length: 118 pages
ASIN: 1632323095
ISBN: 1414101171
List Price: $12.00
"Our marriage retreat, conducted by Dr. Burke and her husband, was greatly enhanced by using COUPLES OF THE BIBLE as our primary reference. It's a must-read for engaged as well as married couples".
– Couples group from Zimbabwe, Africa
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