December’s As Pleasant As May

December’s As Pleasant As May

Do you long for the days of your childhood, when life was unpretentious and less demanding?

Do you have a travel bug and desire to immerse yourself in cultures, cuisines, and places far different than your own?

Dr Grace Burke’s book, December’s As Pleasant As May, will take you there.

You will laugh, cry, and reminisce as you read personal essays about her childhood in her native Harlem in New York City. You will travel internationally with her as she recounts and reflects on life, as she experienced it, in the Caribbean and in other far-flung places.


In some of Dr. Burke’s formal essays, there are opportunities for examination and discussion of topics of concern in today’s church world. In others, windows are opened on the lives of people who faced obstacles and disappointments, but who overcame them, against the odds, with God’s help.

The book is an oasis in the desert of life, often filled with noise and confusion. It will inspire and uplift your spirit.


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ISBN: 9798550642023
List Price: 21.95
eBook Price: 9.95
Dr. Burke writes with an easy style from an approach that is faith-based. I could hardly put down her previous book Broken Pieces…Mending the Fragments Through Adoption. In this book, she keeps the reader riveted and totally engaged as she recounts true stories from her life. It’s a must-read that provides messages of hope and encouragement throughout its pages. This book enabled Dr. Burke to win the 2020 Distinguished Author’s Guild (DAG) award in the Inspirational Category.
– - Linda P Jones, Pastor, Transformational Leader, Author & Speaker
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