Delights by Daisy

Delights by Daisy

Recipe book created in loving memory of Daisy Allman by daughter, Grace Allman Burke. A marvelous collection of 50 of Daisy's favorite fare, most of which are of Caribbean origin.

Daisy Allman, born in Panama, immigrated to New York City as a teenager. Her culinary skills were known far and wide. A quintessential cook and baker par excellence, she had the knack of turning ordinary food into delectable delights.

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About the Book

Delights by Daisy is not a cold, dry cookbook. It’s alive with reminiscences, photos and recipes of a woman named Daisy, a vibrant cook and baker par excellence, who lived most of her life in Harlem in New York City. The multi-talented Daisy was known far and wide for her melt-in-your-mouth cooking. Her special gifting turned ordinary food into delectable delights. Born in Panama in Central America of Jamaican parentage, her dishes were infused with delightful spices, seasonings and condiments originating in the Caribbean region.

The book is a 20-page treasure trove of Appetizers, Main Courses, Sides, and Desserts, including Sweet Tooth Anytime Pastries. Recipes for Daisy’s Perfect Homemade Lemonade and Jamaican Ginger Beer are highlights of the Beverages section.

Daisy’s Christmas Cake, called in the book “Fabulously Flawless Caribbean Fruit Cake,” was annual fare for her family and friends. However, Daisy used the same recipe to create beautifully decorated cakes at hundreds of weddings and other special occasions.

Tons of now grown-up children of West Indian parents have bought this book to remind them of the wonderful foods that were prepared in their childhood households. They’re passing on these cooking favorites to their own kids and grandkids.
Those who’ve visited the Caribbean islands, and return with the tastes of this marvelous fare in their mouths, will cement these memories with recipes from this book.

A hint to future travelers to the Caribbean islands: Buy the book and taste the goodies before you go. You’ll be deemed a local and not a tourist when you order at your favorite dining spots there!

Bon appetit! Enjoy!

Genre: Cookbooks
Publisher: GAB Enterprises, Prosper, TX
Publication Year: 2010
Format: Hard Cover
Length: 21 pages
Illustrator: Jason Neely, Graphic Artist
List Price: $35.00
"I still remember Aunt Daisy's cooking and include this book of her recipes among my greatest treasures."
– Lena Ferguson, Daisy's niece
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