The Stranger’s Son

The Stranger’s Son

Just who is Father anyway? Why did God choose him? What will become of our family? Will life be always like this? Why am I called The Stranger's Son?

The Stranger’s Son, a page-turner, moves in a couple of hours through the tumultuous years of a pre-teen boy’s life. It puts the reader right in the middle of a time and place we rarely hear about from a young person’s perspective--the ancient world of Old Testament times. For kids who declare they don’t like history, it’s a story that opens the subject to them without the baggage of the label.

The main character, Gershom, experiences cross cultural barriers, discrimination, physical pain, and family dysfunction. But he also discovers adventure, faith, hope and purpose. Other characters in the book help shape important themes about cruelty and justice, parenting, and cross-cultural family relationships.

Although it’s a fictional account, Bible readers will find it amazingly accurate to the biblical narratives, but with a fresh cultural perspective that speaks to readers of diverse backgrounds. It's appropriate for both religious and secular families and settings.

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About the Book

For Gershom, a twelve-year-old boy in Bible-times Egypt, being the son of a leader isn’t the big deal one might think it is. For one, his dad keeps leaving his mom, his brother, and him to go on long trips away from home. Meanwhile, Gershom is stuck trying to figure out how to be a godly young man among people who are bitterly trapped in slavery. Even worse, his very own aunt-the one his father adores-and his cousins make his mother and him feel like unwanted outsiders. And then there are those nagging questions about who his father is and why God selected him for this special mission.

Join Gershom and his family on a vivid journey across an arid desert, up close to a glistening palace, and onward to a burning mountain as they follow his father’s calling from God. When Gershom experiences emotions such as fear, resentment, family pride, and joyfulness, you will recognize how his exciting story mirrors much of what you go through today. Most importantly, you will see what it might have been like to witness the events from the Bible’s book of Exodus through Gershom’s clever eyes. When the answers to Gershom’s questions are finally revealed, you will have a whole new appreciation for what it meant to be Moses’ child – The Stranger’s Son.

Vibrant and delightful illustrations add spice to the text of this engaging biblical historical novel.

This book, THE STRANGER’S SON, enabled Dr. Burke to win both the Henri Award and the Reader’s Choice Award, Youth and Young Adult category, of the 2016 Joy and company’s Christian Literary Awards.

Genre: Biblical Historical Fiction
Publisher: Redemption Press
Publication Year: 2015
Format: Paperback
Length: 116 pages
Illustrator: Warren Maye
ASIN: 1632323141
ISBN: 9781414115931
List Price: $12.00
“As an educator, I highly recommend The Stranger’s Son for classrooms and after school programs, home schoolers, family devotions, rites-of-passage programs, and book clubs for boys, girls, and adults. It will be a welcome addition to a family or school library.”
– Dr. Marilyn Maye
“Grace Allman Burke recounts the events of the biblical story of the Exodus in a tale of adventure that captures the imagination of young readers.
– Pamela Glass Kelly, Insitute of Children's Literature, West Redding, CT
“Adolescence is a road of uncertainty whether the voyage is one traveled in the 21st Century or 5,000 years ago. Grace Allman Burke transcends the millennia and enables young people to grasp the truth of whom they are and whom they are meant to be. It is a treasure in a genre for the age group which many have overlooked far too long.”
– Carol Daugherty Foster, Carol D. foster & Co., Plano, TX
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