Biblical Historical Fiction

The Stranger’s Son

The Stranger’s Son


The Stranger’s Son, a page-turner, moves in a couple of hours through the tumultuous years of a pre-teen boy’s life. It puts the reader right in the middle of a time and place we rarely hear about from a young person’s perspective--the ancient world of Old Testament times. For kids who declare they don’t like history, it’s a story that opens the subject to them without the baggage of the label.

The main character, Gershom, experiences cross cultural barriers, discrimination, physical pain, and family dysfunction. But he also discovers adventure, faith, hope and purpose. Other characters in the book help shape important themes about cruelty and justice, parenting, and cross-cultural family relationships.

Although it’s a fictional account, Bible readers will find it amazingly accurate to the biblical narratives, but with a fresh cultural perspective that speaks to readers of diverse backgrounds. It's appropriate for both religious and secular families and settings.

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