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Welcome to my Blog. It’s designed for writers and authors just like you, with useful tips and information to help you reach a wider audience with your writing and book marketing.  While doing so, you’ll find you’ll be upgrading your writing skills as well.

On a monthly basis, I’ll be providing you with posts that will motivate you to try new writing techniques or enter new writing markets. I’ll be sharing my thoughts on writing-related news articles, book reviews, interviews I’ve had with other writers, how-to information, among others. From time to time, I’ll invite a guest blogger to write a post for my blog.

Another great feature: I’ll post information on upcoming writing contests and writing award competitions. I’m so grateful to author colleagues who passed this information on to me in the past. It led to my entering my books and winning awards in two prestigious writing events!

By the way, please check out my published books highlighted on this website. They are easily ordered from this website or from Amazon.com. I would welcome reviews as well.


  1. M Maye

    Beautiful revamp. Warm and welcoming. Congratulations.

    Looking forward to your insights on writing. It’s so important for people to share our stories, especially when we hail from groups not heralded in our nation’s mass culture. Truth liberates. Lies destroy.


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